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Instructions on the storage and transport of pharmaceuticals

Storage and transport

 Raw materials and pharmaceuticals should be transported by means such that their original commodity properties are not impaired and storage conditions are maintained.

Special care should be taken when using dry ice in a cold chain. Furthermore, regarding safety recommendations, ensure that raw materials and pharmaceuticals do not come into contact with dry ice as this can adversely affect the quality of goods, e.g. frozen goods. .

Under appropriate conditions, equipment that monitors the conditions of transport and storage should be used, such as a selfrecording thermometer. A temperature monitoring system should be used. These storage conditions monitoring records should be available for review

Transportation and transportation of raw materials and pharmaceuticals should only commence upon receipt of the delivery request. Delivery and release orders must be recorded.

Quy trình xuất hàng nên được xây dựng và ghi lại thành văn bản, có lưu ý đến tính chất của nguyên vật liệu và dược phẩm có liên quan và mọi khuyến cáo đặc biệt nếu có yêu cầu.

The outer packaging must be sufficient to protect the goods from external influences and must be clearly labeled and indelible.

Release records should be kept and contain at least the following:

- ship date

- name and address of the recipient

- description of the goods, such as product name, dosage form and content (if applicable), batch number and quantity

- storage conditions and shipping conditions

All notes should be easily accessible and readily available on request.

The following storage indications should be used:

On the label                                                             Mean

"Do not store more than 30 °C"                               From +2 °C to  +30 °C

"Do not store more than 25 °C"                               From +2 °C to  +25 °C

Do not store more than 15 °C”                               From +2 °C to +15 °C

Do not store more than 8 °C”                                 From +2 °C to +8 °C

Do not store below 8 ° C”                                        From  +8 °C to +25 °C

Keep away from moisture”                                     Relative humidity should not exceed 60% under normal storage conditions and dispense to the patient in moisture-proof packaging.

Avoid the light"                                                           When dispensing to patients in anti-light packaging.