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  • ApLog-TempU03 Temp & Humidity data loggers

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-The device is mainly used to monitor the temperature and humidity data of food, me-dicine,chemical products and other products during storage and transportation.

-It is widely used in all links of warehousing and logistics cold-chain, such as reefer containers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated distribution boxes, cold storage lab, etc.

-After the recording completed, it is inserted into the computer without any driver and automatically generates reports.


Product Features

  • Designed to be Multi-use

  • Temperature & Humidity measurement and recording

  • Wide measuring range, high accuracy and large data memory

  • Statistics avaliable on LCD display

  • No software needed to retrieve data

  • Automatically generates PDF report and CSV file

  • Programmable for logging parameters, alarms and start delay.


Dimensions 89mm*36mm*16mm
Weight 25g
Time Zone UTC +0:00 (Default)
Use Type Multi-use
Accuracy ±3%RH; ±0.5℃(-20℃~+40℃),±1.0℃(other)
Measuring Range Humidity 0%~100%RH, Temp -30℃~60℃
Resolution 0.1%RH typically, 0.1℃
Memory Capacity 32000
Recording Options Delayed or Push-To-Start Logging
Record Interval 10 seconds to 18 hours adjustable [Default:10 mins]
Start Delay Programmable (0~254 mins) [Default:30 mins]
Alarm Delay Programmable (0~960 mins) [Default:10 mins]
Alarm Range Programmable high or low alarm [Default:<2℃ or >8℃, <40%RH or >80%RH]
Shelf Life / Battery Typically 1 Year ;CR2032 3.0V Lithium Battery(Depending on Sampling Rate and Environment)
Report Generation Simultaneously generate PDF and CSV files
Communication Interface USB2.0

  • ApLog-TempU03 Temp & Humidity data loggers [Product code: TEMPU03]

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