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  • EL-SIE-6+ Temperature, humidity, and pressure data logger with display.

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Monitor the environment you live and work in with the EasyLog EL-SIE-6+. Advanced onboard software means there is nothing to install on your PC or Mac – simply connect the logger with a USB cable and use your web browser to configure the device and view, analyse and download your data. It really couldn’t be easier.

The bright and clear display shows current readings and device status at a glance, and the product is supplied with a bracket for secure wall mounting. EL-SIE-6+ uses standard AAA batteries and typical battery life is over 1 year.

The EL-SIE-6+ version measures temperature, humidity, and pressure. However, other models that measure temperature only, or temperature and humidity, are available. Standard and high accuracy versions of these are also available. Key markets include facilities and building management, logistics, warehouses and storage, and clean rooms and other pressure-sensitive environments.


Measurement Range (T):                      -18 to +55°C (-0.4 to +131°F)
Resolution (T):                                        0.01°
Accuracy (T):                                            ±0.2°C (±0.36°F)
Measurement Range (RH):                  0 to 100%RH
Resolution (RH):                                     0.1%
Accuracy (RH):                                       ±1.5% typical (0 to 80%RH)
Measurement Range (P):                     300 to 1200mbar
Resolution (P) data:                               0.01mbar
Resolution (P) display:                          0.1mbar
Accuracy (P):                                            ±1mbar
Logging Rate:                                         10 seconds to 24 hours, user selectable
Start Modes:                                             Immediate, push-to-start, delayed start, parameter triggered
Memory Capacity:                                   1,000,000 total readings, >500,000 readings per channel
Sounder:                                                   Integrated alarm sounder
Power Source:                                         2 x AAA 1.5V battery
Battery Life:                                               >1 year (at 25°C with 10 minute logging rate)
Dimensions:                                            93 x 42 x 17 mm (excluding bracket)
Operating Temperature Range:           -18 to +55°C (-0.4 to +131°F)
Environmental Rating:                           IP4X


  • EL-SIE-6+ Temperature, humidity, and pressure data logger with display. [Product code: EL-SIE-6]

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