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  • Easy monitoring of your most important parameters.

Single-use temperature data logger to monitor temperature or temperature and rel. humidity in your supply chain.
  • Tempmate-S2 T – Single- Use Temperature Data Loggera

    Easy monitoring of your most important parameters. Single-use temperature data logger to monitor temperature or temperature and rel. humidity in your supply chain.
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Easy monitoring of your most important parameters.

Single-use temperature data logger to monitor temperature or temperature and rel. humidity in your supply chain.


The tempmate.®-S2 offers you many possibilities to quickly detect if your goods have been exposed to wrong environmental and physical influences. By setting up to 6 alarm limit values adapted to your goods, you can detect risks in time. 2 LEDs provide immediate information about the condition of your goods and the integrated LCD shows you detailed information about the current conditions.


Often the purchase price alone is not the only thing you need to consider when implementing data loggers into your daily operations. The tempmate®.-S2 does not require any accessories and can be configured by yourself with free software if required. With this solution, you will not incur any license fees or hidden costs. The easy handling saves you time and staffing costs.



The tempmate.®-S2 not only offers high-quality sensor technology, but also a backup log that prevents your important data from being lost. Together with password protection, you get a device that not only reliably records your data, but also protects it from loss and misuse. Finally, the environmentally friendly hard case makes the tempmate.®-S2 a robust companion for your goods and a protector of your data.



Various high-precision sensors allow the tempmate.®-S2 to meet a wide range of requirements. In addition to the usual temperature influences, you can also use this device to precisely check the effects of rel. humidity and ambient light on your goods. As a result of the built-in batteries, this data logger is suitable for air transport and does not restrict you in any way in the choice of the means of transport.


Only one button is needed to operate the tempmate.®-S2 - everything else happens almost by itself. A PDF & CSV with your important data is automatically created when the device is stopped. It can be easily analyzed and archived via the built-in USB interface. Do you have special requirements for monitoring your goods? You can purchase the tempmate.®-S2 from us, pre-configured and customized to your needs.


The tempmate.®-S2 measures 93 x 47 x 8 mm and as such, it is just about the size of a bank card. With a total weight of only 30g, there is hardly any area from where this device cannot be attached with the help of the adhesive fastening (already attached).


With the tempmate.®-S2, monitoring your supply chain has never been easier

The intuitive one-button operation gives you information about the current status of your goods at any time, and the new and large LCD makes checking the status more convenient. The hard cover of the tempmate.®-S2 makes it robust and resistant to external influences and the removable protective cap allows an intermediate readout without affecting the IP protection of the device.


Choose between a temperature recording device and additional rel. humidity recording

With the free tempbase 2 software you have the possibility to configure the tempmate.®-S2 before use according to your wishes and requirements. This way you can tailor it to your specific needs and guarantee the best possible monitoring of your supply chain.


  • The integrated USB connection ensures evaluation without additional equipment
  • The current values can be called up at any time via
    the generous display
  • Simple operation and status query via only one button
  • Preconfigured and reprogrammable before use
  • No additional software required
  •    Automatic PDF & CSV generation ensures easy workflow
    • Optionally available as temperature or temperature
      and rel. humidity device
    • Integrated ambient light sensor
    • High precision digital sensors ensure reliable recording
    • 20 devices in one packaging unit


Everything at a glance

You can easily call up the following information via the generous LCD:




Recording Options


Dimension [mm]

93 x 47 x 8 mm

Weight [g]



Ecofriendly Hardcase


CR2450 lithium metal button cell battery

Connection Interface

USB 2.0, A-Type (integrated)


Multifunction LCD

Protection Class


Shelf Life

24 months

Temperature Range

–30 °C to 70 °C

Temperature Accuracy

±0.3°C (-20 to 40°C) ±0.5 (others)

Temperature Resolution

0.1 °C

Ambient Light Sensor


Memory Capacity (measurements)

32,000 points (T)

Run Time (Logging Interval)

Up to 180 days (10 min.) = Standard Model Other models only on request

Data Export


Alarm Configuration

Up to 5 points customizable, single or comulative

Startup Mode


Stop Mode

Button or by Software



Temporary PDF

The PDF Report is available at anytime without stopping the Logger


PDF reader + optional tempbase 2 Software


Yes, with optional tempbase 2 Software



Custom ID and Travel Description


Calibration Certificate

Yes, with 6 points (hardcopy) & PDF in memory


EN 12830, CE, RoHS

Serial Number Identification



  • Tempmate-S2 T – Single- Use Temperature Data Loggera [Product code: S2-T]

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