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  • Wireless burglar alarm GS-3500

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    Xuất xứ: Đài Loan
    Hãng sản xuất: Guardsman

GUARDSMAN GS-3500 wireless burglar alarm system
- GUARDSMAN GS-3500 wireless burglar alarm system is a high-end model
   Support using mobile phone SIM to make emergency call
   and send a message when the system activates the alarm.
- Supports 3 bands 900/1800 / 1900MHz
- When a burglar enters the control area, the Central Control Department
   will activate the siren of all the horns in the system simultaneously
   Make a call and send 05 SMS to 05 phone numbers
   at the same time as the Landlord to report burglary.
- Control 6 regions, 28 devices such as burglar alarm, fire alarm, Gas leak alarm
- Control Off / On electrical appliances.
- The whole set includes: 01 Central control set, 01 GS-161 probe,
    01 set of door control gs-112, 1 buzzer and 02 remote controls.

  • Wireless burglar alarm GS-3500 [Product code: GS-3500]

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