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Cold chain solutions

Delivery and shipping processes can be tracked with Fourtec's various data logging solutions. For the global shipping process, self-recording devices can be used to ensure that temperatures are accurately maintained and recorded during transportation, complying with FDA CFR Part 11 regulations and directions. GDP leads. Furthermore, the wireless solution can be installed in trucks for domestic shipments

Transport of cold goods

Comply with safety regulations and GDP guidelines by using Fourtec products for supply chain quality assurance. We recommend the following Fourtec products for shipping:

              PICOLITE-16K                                                            EC800A


PicoLite USB self-recording thermometer               MicroLogPRO II recording thermometer

Cold storage

Use Fourtec solutions to monitor and ensure adequate storage conditions with perishable goods in warehouses, cold storage and retail areas. As such, it is necessary to have a continuous cold chain and comply with the GDP regulations.