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PicoLite - Ensures insulin safety during cold transport.

Insulin needs to be transported very carefully as it can be affected by extreme heat or cold, which can counteract insulin - a very dangerous case.

Applications: Monitoring of insulin cold chain transport

Unit: PrJSC "INDAR" - Manufacturer of insulin

About Customers:

INDAR is a well-known insulin producer in Ukraine that offers a complete technological cycle for the production of genetically modified (recombinant human insulin) insulin starting from raw material to finished product. The INDAR is manufactured according to GMP standards and passed the ANVISA test. PrJSC "Indar" has more than 15 years of experience in drug research and production, selling its products in Ukraine and other countries such as Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Brazil and many other countries. INDAR has four laboratories and more than 300 highly qualified specialists and staff focused on maintaining a reliable and efficient process from the production of insulin through its shipment. The company's product portfolio is constantly expanding to include the full range of therapeutical segments, not limited to all types of diabetes, its complications and related diseases. Being a partner of Ukrainian Healthcare for the period 2012-2016, the company's portfolio will be developed by strategically and socializing essential products to cure HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and cancer in the future. smart with multinational companies.

Customers' requirements:

-Shipping products made by INDAR to their customers requires refrigeration (temperatures between 2 ° C and 8 ° C) due to the perishable nature of insulin.

-INDAR products are shipped within Ukraine and exported to other countries and continents (shipment may take up to several days).

-In order to test the quality and safety of insulin vials and provide customers with evidence that deliveries are performed according to the required temperature range, INDAR looked for a temperature monitoring solution that would give allows them to track shipping and PDF data reports with alarm only.

PicoLite solution:

INDAR attaches Fourtec's PicoLite self-recording thermometers to the cold chain of insulin from the factory to their customers. Transport temperatures are monitored using a PicoLite device, allowing INDAR customers to view transport data by connecting the device via USB to a PC.

A PDF report with an alarm indicator, identifying if there is any deviation from a predefined threshold, is automatically generated as soon as product shipments have reached its destination. Using the free DataSuite software or the weboomerang ™ app (a new Fourtec cloud-based application that allows you to email PicoLite travel data reports on the web), this makes the INDAR accessible Instant access to data collected during transit and receive a detailed trip report via email, in PDF format, as soon as the logger is connected to a computer during transit or at the final destination.

Measured results:

-PicoLite solutions are proven to be a cost effective solution, providing accurate and reliable temperature with detailed analysis of shipments from origin to destination. Using the weboomerang ™ application eliminates the challenge of receiving customer trip data reports.

-When the logger is connected to the computer, the weboomerang ™ application takes care of the rest, until the report is sent to the INDAR inbox.