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Temp & Hum controller

  • XR60CX Temperature control

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    Xuất xứ: Ý
    Hãng sản xuất: Dixell

Digital controller for Medium and Low Temperature ventilated applications with dual humidity function on demand


Power supply: 12Vac / dc, 24Vac / dc, 24, 110, 230Vac

Control probe: NTC / PTC
Defrost: NTC / PTC
Condenser (on HOT LOCK): NTC / PTC

Digital input

Alarm, trigger defrost, AUX, door switch, pressure switch: user self-set

Compressor: 8, 16A, 20A * optional
Defrost: 8
Fan: 8A, 5A *
* With 20A compressor: defrost 8A, fan 5A, Power supply 24, 110, 230Vac

Hot / Keyg toolkit: yes
Remote display: Optional X-REP
Serial output: TTL
Speaker: optional



  • XR60CX Temperature control [Product code: XR60CX]

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